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Sauvignon Blanc,
Russian River Valley


Creating a wine that especially pairs with delicate cuisine. A clean, soft and smooth, like the Ginjo style of sake.

Brilliant, light to medium straw color. With 3% gewurztraminer, a lovely blossom of delicate fruit hits the nose with bright aromas of grapefruit, lime, pear, a hint of lychee, orange zest, bay leaf, flint stone, lemon grass, and pistachio. Yes, all that! Light kiss of neutral oak adds a supple mouth feel. Very long finish with juicy citrus. This is not grassy Sauvignon Blanc.

• Japanese tempura
• Yellowtail and white fish sushi
• Poached chicken breasts with mixed greens and creamy herb dressing

Aged 6 months in neutral French oak barrels
97% Sauvignon Blanc, 3% Gewurztraminer
Only 50 cases available


Coworking Space

Assembly Sydney East

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The Foundry

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